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The World of Mamem is dominated by four colossal oceans and one large centered continent. The four seas are controlled by their corresponding sea god and their underwater denizens.

Small Descriptions of the Seas of Mamem

The Northern Sea is sparsely populated by humans as it is bitterly cold almost year round. The Norther Sea God Kiabris dislikes humankind and is at constant war with both northern settlers and continental dwellers. The Union of Navys dedicates most of its resources to defending the north and wrestling control of the the sea away from Kiabris as the Northern Sea bottom is littered with resources some of them luxurious. 

The Eastern Sea is the most well developed and hospitable sea out of the four. The temperate climate and lack of serious storms make life easy going on the Eastern sea. Trade between the bountifully islands both small and large is common and as such many pirates stalk the Eastern waters. The United Navys lack the resources to send large numbers to the Eastern Sea and as such have small influence over the Eastern Seas, primarily focus on City and Town defenses on several key Islands. The Goddess of the Eastern Sea Enhena openly welcomes humankind to her waters and several of her Sea people have developed coexistence among their villages and nearby settlements.

The Southern sea is the last great mystery of Mamem. Its waters a constant still blackness and in some spots the ocean might be as thick as tar. The creatures that live within the Southern Sea are the strangest and most unsettling things many have laid eyes on. Anyone who has ventured too far within the Southern Sea have yet to return. Human settlements along the border of the Southern Sea mostly consist of scholars and adventures both active and retired seeking to unravel the mysteries or having failed to do so. The God of the Southern Seas Rutus has no dealings with mankind and neither do his citizens. The few rare encounters between humankind and the Southern Sea people have mostly been aggressive , but the sea people have always given warning before attacking any boats be it Pirate, Navy or Citizen.

The Western Sea is controlled entirely by Brostalus and his loyal citizens. Brostalus tolerates humankind to settle and live within his domain as long as tribute is paid to him often. Of all the gods and goddesses Brostalus has the most dealings with humans with some VIPs even granted the privilege to see him face to face. The Western sea is hospitable island living, but storms are often and months of bad sailing and crop destruction can ruin a community, unless that community can afford Brostalus's protection. All forms of human authority are forbidden within the Western Sea, as Brostalus has his people keep his laws within his borders.

The Sea Citizens.

The Northern Sea Citizens called "rays" resemble manta-ray esq humanoids with the ability to release powerful sonic screeches.

The Eastern Sea citizens called "blups" by the locals resemble muscular and twisty fish humonoids. (body of a fish with arms and feet)

The Southern Sea Citizens called "shells" come in a variety of crustacean humanoid forms. Their nature protection can be as strong as the most well made human steel.

The Western Sea Citizens prefer to be called simply Sharks as they are large bulky shark humanoids.

How Humans along with other Races Came to Mamem

Relatively recently within the life span of Mamem, humans and a small number of other faithful arrived and started to settle on the planet. Brought to Mamem by the powerful god Exodus. Exodus transformed the ocean planet into a place livable by his people creating landmasses. This angered the king of the four seas Vodias who engaged in a great battle with Exodus. Exodus destroyed Vodias, but was badly wounded and was unable to change the planet further. The Kings three sons and one daughter split the Ocean amongst themselves. Exodus continues to slowly circle above the first human city along the coast of the great continent ever vigilant and prepared to protect his faithful.



Main Page

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